Frequently Asked Questions

1 – How much does an Often Seen Rarely Spoken mural cost?

The cost of a mural depends on a handful of factors including..
– Wall size
– If you have an image that is already decided on or if we will be creating the design
– Complexity of the design including detail and size
* Consultations and Estimates cost nothing

2 – Does OSRS provide the surface/space for the mural?

You have options..
– We can seek wall space if you don’t have a wall
– We are capable of creating installations and/or built walls for your mural

3 – Are supplies and labor included in the proposed cost?

– Yes, when an estimate is given this is the total cost of supplies and labor
– Boom lifts are one item not included in quote*

4 – How long does it take OSRS to complete a mural?

– This question is job specific, depending on the size and complexity of the design. Some murals can be completed within one day while others may take up to a week or longer. Our estimated time will be included in the proposal.

5 – Does OSRS travel outside of Louisville / Cincinnati for mural work?

– Yes, we will travel to different states or countries. Cost breakdown will be included in the proposal.

6 – Is OSRS willing to work with art agents / consultants?

– Yes, but note that our proposed cost is for OSRS services and any additional percentage will need to be added by the party involved and billed separately.

7 – Is OSRS insured?

РYes, we carry a Full Coverage  Contractors Policy

8 – How long does a mural last?

– We use high quality paint on all of our projects aiming to last as long as the surface does. Color fading can happen over time.