Often Seen Rarely Spoken

OSRS was started in 2016 to fill a gap that Louisville was missing, a presence of high quality mural work that connected underground artists to the community and business’ alike.  With over a decade of experience in public art and mural work, our team came together to combine our passions with technical skill acquired along the way.  Whether working for a corporate company, private commission or in a residential atmosphere, the final image is always visually captivating and eye pleasing.  By rounding together our digital design, branding aspects and fine art, the team is always seeking new ways to add our vision to the surfaces around us.

Meet the Team


With roots in the graffiti and street art culture, Jeremy has taken skills and techniques learned while traveling the states to diversify his interests and pursue bigger goals.  After working in an office atmosphere, learning the ins and outs of business he has teamed up with the others in OSRS to combine their attributes and grow as a collective.  With a sense of abstract vision, he helps shape ideas for the design process as well as developing relationships with new clients and being present to put both hands in on the painting process.  When not working on a mural project Jeremy can be found in the OSRS studio space fine tuning his paintings and adding to his body of work to build a presence in the gallery community.


Educated in traditional and digital art, Max has spent years developing skills that make him an asset on and off the job site. As well as acting behind the scenes as designer, his fine art training and attention to detail brings a unique touch to the OSRS mural production system. Translating his unique aerosol techniques learned through years of painting graffiti on the railroad, his work and hours of studio time has given the team a level of confidence that is clearly noticeable in many aspects of their work.


Approaching a decade in graphic design experience, Jacob has dedicated much of his life to developing his creative and artistic abilities. After spending years working as a graphic designer and print master for a local print shop, coupled with years of dedication to both fine art and street art, he has turned his focus to presenting the clients of OSRS with amazing wall treatments. Jacob plays a large roll in image creation, work site logistics, and job completion. No matter the medium, he is constantly pursuing the goal of showing the world the artistic vision of Often Seen Rarely Spoken.


With more than a decade of public art under his belt, Ian brings years of large-scale project experience and team management to the OSRS Family. Bold imaging, balanced composition, and complementary color palettes lead the body of his style. Coming out of the University of Louisville with a degree in Business Marketing, Ian spent years managing an eight state sales territory that allowed him to develop sharp skills and techniques in branding, project management and business etiquette. With additional background in real estate, his overall touch helps add additional value in the subtle details of our finished products.